Alameda District

Alameda District covers the communities of Alameda and Bay Farm island

Alameda District Units — Where the Scouting Program Happens!

Alameda District includes 34 local Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, and Sea Scout ships, serving a total of over 1,000 youth each year. Each unit is chartered by a community-based organization that receives a BSA charter to use the Scouting program as a part of their service to youth and families.

Annual Unit Charter Renewal

The BSA issues charters annually to community organizations to enable them to serve youth through Scouting programs under leadership they approve and meeting places they provide.  Charter renewal (“rechartering”) is the annual process through which each organization certifies its adult members and youth members for a new year, and recommits itself to the Scouting program.

On-time unit charter renewal is critical, and in Alameda District, all units are due to submit paperwork and national member registration fees by December 15.  The renewal forms are printed out from the Internet Rechartering software (provided at no charge).  Fees are paid by check from either the unit treasury or the chartered organization.

If a unit fails to renew its charter before the expiration date, all youth advancement and adult recognition are suspended, Boys’ Life magazine subscriptions stop, and insurance coverage ceases.  So it is very important to complete the charter renewal process on time, even if it means dropping an inactive youth or adult for the time being (with the potential to add him/her back after the new year starts).

Unit Journey to Excellence Achievement forms should also be completed along with the charter renewal paperwork.  This BSA website  Journey to Excellence has all the information and forms you’ll need.


District Activities and Civic Service Support Unit Program

Alameda District provides activities that supplement, but do not replace, unit activities that packs, troops, teams, crews, and ships organize for themselves.

These special district activities allow youth and adult from different units to come together, on special occasions, to have both friendly competition and cooperation in various Scouting skills.  Many of our activities are also community service related, because service learning is part of the 106-plus years of Scouting tradition.

Besides our summer camp, day camp, and family camp programs (see camping/outdoor section), we also have annual District activities and civic service projects, including:

Advancement Day * 4th of July Independence Day Parade * California Coastal Cleanup * National Jamboree Contingent * Popcorn Sales * Pinewood Derby * Scouting for Food * Spring Camporee * Venturing/Sea Scout Activities * Volunteer Recognition Dinner * Webelos Woods

District activities and civic service projects are organized by youth and adult volunteers with the support of council staff.  These various events could not be held without financial support from Friends of Scouting donors, because events are held without charge to the participants or with minimal fees (because the indirect and overhead cost of these events is not charged back to participants).


Check the calendar for details

Sep 3: Roundtable



Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

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